Model Train Maintenance

Like all mechanical devices, model trains do need a little routine maintenance to keep them operating at their best. If done regularly and preemptively this work takes only a few minutes but can add years to the life of your models.

The links below will take you to pages, photos and video of the most common maintenance routines. Of course, should you ever need more extensive repair work to your train, our Customer Service Center is available to help in any way we can. You can contact our service department at (586) 949-4100 or email us at

Track Cleaning Car

Maintenance of Way isn’t just for the real railroads!

  • Cleaning Track: Clean rails are the quickest way to improve operations.
  • Clean Wheels: This little trick will take all the hard work out of this chore!
  • Lubrication: When, where and how to properly oil your locomotives for years of reliable running.

3 responses

6 12 2013
bob kraft

Hi; Wondering which gear grease you recommend for the worm gear screws in the postwar santa fe 2343 F3’s or the GEEPS?? E.I. LaBelles 106…lionel grease…red n tacky….lubriplate…some train forums say 5w20 motor oil & 90/140 gear oil.

6 12 2013


The multi-purpose lubricant supplied in our maintenance kit will work on these locomotives. Product number is 6-62927. Thanks!

12 10 2014
Michael Davidovich

I would like to learn how to replace my pickup rollers on my 736 Berkshire – they spark a lot on the track and I’m guessing replacing them will help this. Any help you can provide?

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