Wiring a Traditional Operating Track with the OTC

Lionel’s command control products can be used to control any Lionel layout, even ones using our traditional O and O-27 track. The Operating Track Controller (OTC) will allow you to control your operating and uncoupling tracks from the cab of your TMCC-1 or LEGACY system. For more information about the OTC along with programming, operating and wiring instructions for the power and command inputs, see the OTC main page.

6-12746 Operating Track

To wire your O Gauge operating track (6-12746) to a OTC, you can follow the instructions in the package or make the simple modification shown here for improved operations. This simple wiring change will isolate the uncoupling electro-magnet from the one set of control rails providing more reliable operations in command control. A similar modification needs to be made to our FasTrack operating tracks.

To make the change, simply do the following:

1. Isolate the Magnet.

  1. On the underside of the track, clip the wire from the electromagnet to the No. 2 wire connector.
  2. Remove the insulation from the wire.
  3. Solder a new wire onto the lead from the magnet. The wire should be long enough to reach your OTC.
  4. Wrap the new connection in electrical tape or heat shrink tubing.

2. Wire the Track to your OTC.

Connect the wires to the OTC as shown. Click picture to enlarge.

The original pushbutton controller is no longer needed. You may reuse the wire from this control to connect your OTC if you’d like. Four connection must be made on the OTC. They are as follows:

  • Connect the No. 1 position to one set of Accessory Activation Rails (Position 2 on the track).
  • Connect the No. 2 position to the Uncoupling Magnet.
  • Connect the No. 3 position to the second set of Accessory Activation Rails (Position 4 on the track).
  • Connect the No. 4 position to “AC Hot” from your accessory power supply. Note that we are not using AC Ground as with most other applications!

That’s it! Now when you press “Aux 1” you’ll control only the uncoupling magnet and “Aux 2” will control only the accessory rails. You’re ready to program your OTC and get going. To review and watch this conversion in process, just watch this video:

3 responses

15 12 2012
robert McMasters

I redo my set up every Christmas running 3 to 5 trains, each having their own transformer. But I find that if I make a long track the power will fade as the train moves farther away from the power source. My layouts are on boards that consist of 80 sq. ft. What may I be doing wrong?

17 12 2012

Over a long run, voltage is lost due to the joints in the rails, etc. It is an easy fix however. You’ll need to add some additional power feeders. Check out this page for more: https://lionelllc.wordpress.com/projects-and-tips/wiring-your-layout/bus-wires/

15 09 2013
William Buisch

i have a legacy command set. how does this communicate with the otc?

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