New Product Spotlight – Lionel Christmas Collection

18 11 2013

A Lionel train has become part of the traditional Christmas decor in many homes – part of long-standing family traditions and the start of new ones every year. We know for many of you, just having a train around the bottom of the tree is not enough! Why not carry that theme throughout the house? Thanks to our new Christmas collection you can do just that.



9-21012 Lionel Post-War Ornament Gift Box

Trim your tree with trains this year! Our new ornaments are sized and decorated to fit any tree and any taste. From classic Lionel art to pre and post-war trains to some of our newest classics, these Christmas ornaments will look great on your tree.


9-21022 Large Outdoor Ornament (part of a 3-pack)

Want to make a BIG splash? You have to see our large outdoor Christmas ornaments to appreciate them. These 8 inch diameter balls are large and durable enough to be used inside or out. Let all of your neighbors know who has the best trains!


9-22011 2013 Locomotive Collection Ornament Keepsake

For something a little more sublime, check out our Collector Series ornaments. Our sterling-silver-coated brass ornaments are of the highest quality. How good? They are being produced by the same company repeatedly entrusted by the White House for their annual ornaments.


7-11287 Lionel Trains Christmas Lights

Brighten up the tree with our Lionel Trains Christmas Lights. Produced by Kurt S. Adler, these quality Christmas Lights will add a unique touch to any tree. With two complete trains on the strand, your trains can climb the branches.

All of our ornament sets come in attractive packaging and are the perfect gift for that Lionel collector who “already has everything.”

Home Decor

Spread your love for Lionel beyond the tree with these new prints, calendars, decorations and more. Perfect for the holidays or for display in your train room year round. These items are all priced to make perfect gifts for friends and family – or a treat for yourself!

Iconic Characters


7-11288 Santa with Lionel Train

It has long been known that Santa is a huge fan of trains! Our Santa fabriche decoration is the perfect complement to any home. With red overalls and a Lionel hat, Santa merrily puts one more present in his Lionel train.


9-33011 Lionel Lines Conductor Door Greeter

Looking for something a little bigger? Greet your family and friends with our Lionel Lines Conductor! Standing 40 inches tall and holding an illuminated Lionel lantern, he is the perfect greeter at your door. The battery-powered lantern features an LED light and is triggered by a light sensor to maximize battery life. He’s complete in every detail from the Lionel Lines pocket watch in his hand to the Lionel “L” on his buttons.


9-32011 Lionel Engineer Bear

For your softer side, there is the new Lionel Engineer Bear. This cuddly Gund Teddy Bear comes dressed in a Lionel hat and overalls and red bandanna.

A Print for Every Passion


9-31013 1926 Catalog Cover Canvas Print

Our new canvas prints will brighten any train room. With prints in two sizes featuring the 1926, 1927 and 1936 catalogs, these quality prints are ready to be hung and don’t require a frame.


9-31021 1927 Catalog Cover Mouse Pad

Keep Lionel by your side at work or at home with our new Lionel mousepads. These durable pads feature one of four catalog images – 1927, 1936, 1939, and 1952.


9-31014 Lionel 2014 Calendar

Lionel all year! A Lionel calendar has been one of our most requested items. You can even enjoy your 2014 Lionel calendar a little early – this 16 month calendar starts with September 2013! Featuring photographs of classic and modern Lionel trains and stunning layout scenery along with traditional catalog art, this calendar offers something new every month.


9-31012 Post-War Notecards

Share the joy with our new Lionel note card sets. Available in pre-war and post-war designs, each box of 24 note cards contains four different images. With blank interiors, you can use these to send Christmas wishes, thank you notes, get well wishes or just to say hello.


9-32013 1935 Catalog Puzzle

Puzzled by all of these choices? You’ll fall to pieces over our five new Lionel puzzles!  Featuring a great spread of colorful catalog art, these puzzles range in difficulty from 300 to 1000 pieces. And, our puzzles are made here in the USA! Fun for the whole family to assemble, these would also make great decorations for a train room if glued when finished!

t shirt

9-LNA658 Lionel Navy T-shirt (available in S – XXL)

Last but not least, we also have new Lionel shirts and hats for all sizes from kids to “big kids.”

Whether you are shopping for yourself, family or friends, our ornaments and gifts come in a variety of prices and styles for every taste. So whether you want to brighten up your home or just put a smile on someone’s face, the new Lionel Christmas Collections have the perfect present you’ve been looking for. See your Lionel dealer or the 2013 Christmas Catalog for complete listings and prices.

2012 Hallmark Ornament Premiere

12 07 2012

Christmas in July continues! Ornament Season is about to kick off in Hallmark Gold Crown stores nationwide this Saturday, July 14, for Ornament Premiere. Continuing our long tradition, once again Lionel will be part of the fun.


The first three Lionel ornaments will be available starting this weekend. This year’s set features the Nutcracker Christmas Train Set.

  • Nutcracker Steam Locomotive (#17 in series) – $19.95
  • Nutcracker Tender – $14.95
  • Nutcracker Baggage Car – $14.95


This set will look as good on your tree as it does under it! Each of the pieces has been recreated in amazing detail. From the big snowplow on the locomotive to the mail hooks of the baggage car, this popular set has been reborn.

An additional limited edition ornament and miniature set will be available at Ornament Debut on October 6. Stay tuned for details.

These ornaments are available only through Hallmark Gold Crown stores. These do not get shipped to dealers, nor do we have them in our own online store. Head to to find the Gold Crown store nearest you. These ornaments typically sell out quickly, so don’t wait!Baggage

A Lionel Christmas

8 12 2011

A Christmas tree isn’t quite complete until there’s a train under it! Lionel trains have been a part of American Christmas traditions for generations. Whether you set up a simple circle under the tree or an elaborate train layout with lights and accessories, toy trains are an inseparable part of the holiday season.

Santa's Flyer

Our Santa's Flyer set will add color and action around any tree or layout.

With a little regular cleaning and maintenance, Lionel trains can run for generations. If you’re unpacking your trains for the season, you may find these tips helpful as you get them running again. Of course in addition to treasured heirlooms, it is also fun to build upon or start new traditions. Today’s Lionel trains are on the cutting edge of the industry in detail, performance and effects like lights, sound and smoke. But even our most advanced models will still run on a basic power pack and lock couplers with your 60-year-old set.

If you’re putting a train around the tree this year, there is no better track system to use than our FasTrack. This sturdy track was designed with floor-running in mind. With an attached plastic base, the track not only looks more realistic, it locks together, maintains electric connections, and elevates your trains above the carpet fibers. It can also be taken apart and reassembled thousands of times – perfect for seasonal displays or when building larger layouts and more complicated designs.

Polar Express Set

The famous Polar Express is available in O, G and our Little Lines sets for believers of any age.

If its holiday trains you’re after, nobody can beat Lionel’s selection. From our whimsical lines like the “North Pole Express” and “Polar Railroad” to instantly recognizable models of childhood classics like The Polar Express, you’re sure to find a set that will fit with your Christmas villages and childhood fantasies. We have holiday trains available in our Lionel O Gauge, American Flyer S Gauge and G Gauge lines. And of course we’ve got tons of real railroads represented too – from classic Pennsylvania steamers to today’s BNSF diesels.

2011 holiday car

Keep the tradition going with annual holiday cars.

Get your holiday season started on the right track. And be sure to snap a photo or a little video of your holiday layouts and share them with us on Facebook. Following the new year, we’ll begin posting some regular tips here on the blog on how you can build upon your layout and make that train under the tree the start of a new model railroad!

All the best to you and your family this joyous time of year from all of us at Lionel.

2011 Hallmark Ornament Debut

15 07 2011

726 Berkshire

It really is Christmas in July! Ornament Season is about to kick off in Hallmark Gold Crown stores nationwide on July 16 for Ornament Premiere. Head to to find the Gold Crown store nearest you.

The first three Lionel ornaments will be available starting this weekend.

  • 726 Berkshire Steam Locomotive #16 in Series – $19.95
  • Caboose – $14.95
  • Whistle Tender – $14.95

These ornaments typically sell out quickly, so don’t wait!

Whistle Tender