Lionel Tackles E3 – Mission Accomplished

21 06 2013

The Lionel team had a great time at E3 in Los Angeles last week! While many were surprised to see us at a video gaming conference, our booth sure turned a lot of heads, garnered positive interest and in many cases brought back great memories.

Equipped with several Ready to Run sets and our Legacy System (which was powered by an iPad) the booth drew huge crowds from train enthusiasts and gamers alike. Of course, the big buzz came from the introduction of our new Lionel Battle Train iPad app, displayed on two large monitors where attendees had a chance to try out the game and save the world from evil Dr. DeRaille’s enemy RoboCars.

We had the pleasure of talking to several folks at the show, and there was much excitement about Lionel embracing the digital age and making a statement around technology – both through Lionel Battle Train and our iPad-powered Legacy Set. Lionel continued to amaze viewers with the ability to show real train replication, incorporating sophisticated sound and movement engineering while displaying imagination with our new app.

An interesting trend evident during the show was that many of the gaming companies were pushing physical toys to accompany their games. AllThingsD reporter Eric Johnson actually wrote a great piece on this – and even mentions how Lionel is doing just the opposite. That said, we think Battle Train will be an excellent way to bring classic trains back into kids’ hands and develop a new generation of Lionel fans. Stay tuned and get your iPads ready – because we are only a few weeks away from bringing Battle Train to the iOS store!

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Lionel's E3 Booth

Lionel’s E3 Booth


Lionel Tackles E3

11 06 2013

This is an incredibly exciting time for Lionel—we’re embracing the digital age and bringing the classic train back into kids’ hands with an action-packed mobile app. This week is the first splash in our summer launch of the iPad game, Battle Train.

To kick-off things off, we’re here at the Los Angeles Convention Center attending The Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3, the industry’s premier electronic gaming show. In addition to demoing Battle Train, we’ll be displaying an exciting assortment of Ready-to-Run train towers and our Legacy set powered by an iPad.

Lionel Battle Train takes place in the not so distant future where the only method of transportation is the railway. And it’s your mission to defend thousands of miles of track against evil villains. Curious about the game? In the coming weeks we’ll divulge even more details about Battle Train so stay tuned!

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Tony Bordon, VP Marketing

Lionel Battle Train