New Product Spotlight – Major League Baseball Boxcars

14 07 2014

Tomorrow the game’s best will battle it out in the annual MLB™ All-Star Game™. Lionel’s newest licensed Major League Baseball™ trains will be a home run on your layout too!

White Sox

6-81924 Chicago White Sox

New for 2014, Lionel is introducing boxcars decorated in official Club logos for every team in the American League and National League. Whether you collect the entire series or just your hometown heroes, these colorful cars are going to look great in any train or baseball collection. Best of all, as befits cars that salute our national pastime, each of these cars is printed and assembled here in the USA from domestic and imported parts.


6-81919 Pittsburgh Pirates

The new cars feature:

  • Made in America from domestic and imported parts
  • Cast metal sprung trucks and operating couplers
  • Opening doors
  • Metal frame and brake wheel
  • Minimum Curve: O-27

For illustrations of every team’s car, see our 2014 Ready to Run catalog online or at your local Lionel dealer. These cars retail for $69.99 each.

American League Teams

  • 6-81912  New York Yankees™


    6-81937 Tampa Bay Rays

  • 6-81914  Oakland Athletics™
  • 6-81916  Boston Red Sox™
  • 6-81920  Detroit Tigers™
  • 6-81922  Baltimore Orioles™
  • 6-81923  Minnesota Twins™
  • 6-81924  Chicago White Sox™
  • 6-81927  Cleveland Indians™
  • 6-81929  Toronto Blue Jays™
  • 6-81931  Angels™
  • 6-81933  Texas Rangers™
  • 6-81937  Tampa Bay Rays™
  • 6-81938  Seattle Mariners™
  • 6-81942  Kansas City Royals™

National League Teams

  • 6-81913  St. Louis Cardinals™
  • 6-81915 San Francisco Giants™
  • 6-81917 Los Angeles Dodgers™


    6-81928 New York Mets

  • 6-81918  Cincinnati Reds™
  • 6-81919  Pittsburgh Pirates™
  • 6-81921  Atlanta Braves™
  • 6-81925  Chicago Cubs™
  • 6-81926  Philadelphia Phillies™
  • 6-81928  New York Mets™
  • 6-81930  Miami Marlins™
  • 6-81932  San Diego Padres™
  • 6-81934  Milwaukee Brewers™
  • 6-81935  Houston Astros™
  • 6-81936  Colorado Rockies™
  • 6-81939  Washington Nationals™
  • 6-81940  Arizona Diamondbacks™

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New Product Spotlight – Made in the USA Postwar-Inspired Series

27 05 2014

Lionel’s Made in the U.S.A. line of traditional freight cars continues to expand! Now in addition to our Presidential, Armed Services and Major League Baseball series cars, you can add some familiar railroads to your layout. This line is perfect for those who like the Postwar styling or who simply want some American-made cars with familiar road names to run on their layouts.

PRR boxcar

The classic 6464 boxcars inspired these new designs including the 6-81195 PRR boxcar.

The inspiration for these twelve new cars came from Lionel’s classic 6464-series of boxcars. In addition to bringing back these popular schemes on the boxcar, we’ve adapted them to new flat and tank cars too.

Each car is decorated and assembled here in the US from American-made and imported parts. Each car is available decorated for the Great Northern, Pennsylvania, Santa Fe and Timken Company.

The freight cars feature:

Santa Fe flatcar

Deco samples of the new flatcars were shown at York. Here’s the 6-81204 Santa Fe.

  • Die-cast metal sprung trucks and operating couplers
  • Opening doors on boxcars
  • Metal frame and brake wheel on boxcars
  • Metal handrails, platform and ladders on tank cars
  • Removable load with tie-down straps on flat cars
  • Minimum curve: O27
Great Northern tank

Tank cars too! 6-81201 Great Northern

Suggested retail price on each car is $64.99. These cars are expected to ship in June. See your favorite Lionel dealer to order yours today!


The bright colors of the Timken boxcar remain popular.


New Product Spotlight – Presidential Series Boxcars

17 02 2014

Happy Presidents Day! Our Presidential boxcar series began in 2012 and marked the return of production to the United States. Each year we introduce four more cars into the line, with plans to build a car for each of our 43 Presidents here in the United States. Here’s a little Presidential trivia and a look a this year’s new cars.

New for 2014 will be Presidents Reagan, Jackson, Harding and Eisenhower. Each of these Presidents left their mark on history and the railroads of their time as well.

  • Jackson

    6-81488 President Jackson

    Andrew Jackson has the distinction of being the first sitting President to ride a train in 1833. Jackson came to office when railroads were still a novelty. But within the span of his two terms, the potential of these new “Iron Horses” was sweeping the country with unparalleled vigor.

  • Warren Harding held office when railroads were at the peak of their power. He worked with railroad labor unions in support of an 8 hour work day in 1922 following a great strike in 1921. Upon his sudden death in 1923 his body traveled across the country by funeral train.
  • Ike

    6-81490 President Eisenhower

    Dwight Eisenhower’s biggest contribution to transportation was certainly the creation of the Interstate Highway Act – a program which would come to have a major impact on the railroads. Eisenhower also made extensive use of air travel while President. While not an “anti-railroad” President, his time in office foreshadowed the coming decades of decline for the rail industry.

  • Ronald Reagan’s efforts to downsize the Federal Government put him up against several major railroad programs in the 1980s. His tenure saw the privatization of Conrail, transfer of the Alaska Railroad to the state and a constant battle with Amtrak. Reagan also signed into law the Staggers Act, which would play a critical role in the revitalization of the private rail industry in the coming years.

Lionel Presidential Series Boxcars


6-81489 President Harding

Like the previous cars in this series, each of these new boxcars will come beautifully decorated with the President’s portrait on the left and a brief bio on the right of the car. These cars are all decorated and assembled here in the USA.

The cars also feature sprung die-cast trucks, a metal frame and opening doors. The cars come attractively packaged so they can be displayed in or out of the box. They’d look great on an oval of track in your office.

The cars retail for $64.99. Our previous runs all sold out quickly. Don’t miss your chance to add to your collection!

Previous cars in this series:


6-81487 President Reagan


  • George Washington
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Theodore Roosevelt


  • John Adams
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Calvin Coolidge
  • Harry Truman

New Product Spotlight – Made in the USA Military Freight Cars

12 11 2013

When Lionel’s first new Made In America boxcars rolled out last year, we promised that it was only the beginning of a project to bring more production back to the United States. This year, that plan continues with two new freight car models, all assembled here and all decorated to honor the branches of our armed services.


6-29996 Marines Boxcar

Joining the boxcars in our traditional line are a new tank car and flat car. The cars will be assembled in the United States from parts made here and abroad. Last year’s boxcars sold out quickly – don’t miss your chance to add these historic cars to your collection this year.


Each car will come in attractive patriotic packaging.

Our new cars are being manufactured in the heart of Virginia, in a region surrounded by the rich military history of America’s Civil War. We have been working very closely with our new supplier to ensure that these cars meet our high expectations for the Made in America name.

The new cars feature:

  • O-27 minimum curve operation

6-39385 Navy Tank Car

  • Die-cast metal sprung trucks and operating couplers
  • Metal frame on the boxcar
  • Removable load on the flatcar
  • Opening doors on the boxcar
  • Metal brake wheel on all cars
US Army Flatcar - pre-production sample

US Army Flatcar – pre-production sample

Each of the three cars is decorated to honor each of the branches of our armed services: the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and National Guard.  They will look great in a train together, mixed with our other military trains, or proudly displayed on your shelf.

6-39387 Air Force Tank Car

6-39387 Air Force Tank Car

For artwork for each of the cars in every branch, see our 2013 Signature Catalog.

Each car retails for $64.99. Don’t wait, see your dealers to order these cars so they don’t pass you by.

Coast Guard

6-29999 Coast Guard Boxcar

National Guard

6-39395 National Guard Flat Car