New Product Spotlight – American Flyer Norfolk Southern Heritage ES44ACs

7 10 2013

We introduced our American Flyer replicas of Norfolk Southern’s now famous Heritage Series of locomotives in 2012. This year we are completing the run with the remainder of the twenty locomotive fleet including a new-to-S Gauge ES44AC!


6-42531 – Reading SD70ACE

Shortly after their introduction, these locomotives were turned loose on Norfolk Southern to perform daily chores just like the rest of the roster. They can show up almost anywhere at any time on any train. Several have even made it well off of Norfolk Southern’s rails, being seen as far away as Washington and California. Despite their “regular roles” the locomotives are still required to be washed monthly and crews will often take the extra time to make sure they are in the lead on a consist whenever possible.


6-42542 Central of Georgia ES44AC

Whether you are a fan of modern era railroading or just like seeing a favorite fallen flag back again, these locomotives have something for everybody. And our American Flyer models are designed to please as well.

Both the SD70ACE and ES44AC models have similar features. Powered and non-powered models of each scheme are available with unique numbers. Powered locomotives include:


6-42552 Norfolk and Western ES44AC

  • LEGACY Control System – able to run on LEGACY, TMCC or Conventional power. The models are also DCC enabled.
  • AF Speed Control with on/off switch for maintaining an even speed through curves and grades
  • LEGACY RailSounds featuring
    • CrewTalk and TowerCom announcements with varying scenarios based on the train’s motion


      6-42546 Interstate ES44AC

    • Eight diesel RPM levels
    • LEGACY Quilling Horn
    • Single hit or continuous mechanical bell
    • Independent volume control
  • Two maintenance-free motors
  • Front and Rear ElectroCouplers
  • Mounting holes and support plate for scale couplers (sold separately)
  • Pivoting Pilot allows for operation on tight curves with better appearance
  • Operating headlight, ditch lights, illuminated number boards and detailed cab interior

    6-42544 Conrail ES44AC

    6-42544 Conrail ES44AC

  • Traction Tires
  • Metal Frame
  • Fan-driven smoke unit
  • Die-cast metal trucks, pilots and fuel tank
  • Separately applied metal details
  • Cab window glass
  • Engineer and conductor figures

Non powered locomotives feature:


6-42548 Lehigh Valley ES44AC

  • Metal Frame
  • Die-cast metal trucks, pilots, fuel tank
  • Front and Rear operating couplers
  • Separately applied metal details

6-42550 Nickel Plate ES44AC

All locomotives will negotiate S-36 curves. All come with American Flyer wheels but can be switched to scale wheels which will be available separately through Lionel Customer Service. ES44AC locomotives retail for $529.99 (powered) and $269.99 (non-powered.) SD70ACEs retail for $479.99 and $239.99.


6-42535 Virginian SD70ACE

In addition to the locomotives, separate sale cylindrical covered hoppers are also available decorated in complementary schemes for each road name. Twenty of these would certainly create a colorful consist! Cars retail for $79.99 each.


6-42558 Norfolk Southern ES44AC

If you are looking for colorful modern power for your American Flyer layout, it doesn’t get any better than this. Keep your eyes open for these Heritage Units coming to the rails and hobby shops near you!


6-42556 Southern ES44AC


6-42537 Wabash SD70ACE


6-42554 Pennsylvania ES44AC


6-42533 Savannah & Atlanta SD70ACE

6-42560 Monongahela ES44AC

6-42560 Monongahela ES44AC

New Product Spotlight – American Flyer Norfolk Southern Heritage SD70ACEs

26 11 2012

Without question, the Norfolk Southern Heritage Program has been the big story in railroading for 2012. Lionel was among the first of the model manufacturers to announce our plans to recreate these beautiful machines, and of course we’d need to do them in our growing American Flyer line too.


6-42519 Central of New Jersey

First out of the gate in S will be six SD70ACE locomotives. Decorated for the Erie, Illinois Terminal, Jersey Central, Lackawanna, New York Central and Penn Central, these will join (and look great with) the conventional Norfolk Southern painted locomotive in the line announced earlier in the year.

The powered locomotives are packed with features including:

  • LEGACY Control system – able to run with LEGACY, TMCC or in conventional control modes.


    6-42529 Penn Central

  • DCC Enabled – You can choose to run with LEGACY or DCC operation.
  • AF Speed Control – Turn this on to automatically compensate for curves and grades.
  • LEGACY RailSounds – Amazing recorded sounds featuring
    • CrewTalk and TowerCom announcements
    • Eight diesel RPM’s
    • LEGACY Quilling horn
    • Single hit or continuous bell
    • Independent volume control
  • Twin Motors


    6-42525 Illinois Terminal

  • ElectroCouplers front and rear
  • Mounting holes and support plate for scale couplers
  • Pivoting Pilot – Navigate tighter curves with greater realism.
  • Operating headlight, front and rear marker lights, number boards, cab interior
  • Metal Frame


    6-42521 Delaware, Lackawanna and Western

  • Die Cast metal trucks, pilots and fuel tank
  • Fan-driven smoke unit
  • Detailed cab interior with crew
  • Many separately applied metal details


    6-42523 Erie

In addition to the powered locomotives, we’re offering matching non-powered units for those wanting a longer consist or just a matched set. These feature a metal frame, die-cast trucks, pilots and fuel tank, operating couplers and separately applied details.


6-42527 New York Central

All of the locomotives will negotiate a 36″ diameter curve. Powered locomotives retail for $479.99 and non-powered for $239.99. These beauties are currently scheduled to ship in September, 2013.

Have fun chasing them across Norfolk Southern, and get ready to add these to your stable at home. Look for more Heritage locomotive announcements in the future as well!