New Product Spotlight – Halloween 2012

8 10 2012

Halloween is just around the corner, is your railroad ready? We have several new Halloween-themed items in this year’s catalogs to start or grow your spooky collections.

Peanuts® Halloween Boxcar (6-39363) – Made in the USA!

Peanuts Boxcar


The whole comic strip cast appears on the sides of this black and orange boxcar, proudly made right here in the United States. The “trick-or-treat” scene would be the perfect complement to our Jack-o-Lantern flatcar (6-37015) and other Halloween cars, or use it with the other Peanuts® holiday cars!

In addition to the great graphics, the car features die-cast sprung metal trucks, operating couplers, a metal frame and opening doors. It retails for $64.99. A partial shipment has already gone out to dealers, more will follow.

Halloween Searchlight Car (6-37038)



Scare away the ghosts and goblins with this Halloween Searchlight. The working light is mounted on a flatcar and can be adjusted to different positions to project bat silhouettes wherever you’d like.

The car also features die-cast metal trucks and operating couplers and retails for $45.99. These cars are at your dealers now.

Hallow’s Eve Express Passenger Car 2-Pack No. 2 (6-35256)

Hallow's Eve Passenger


Expand your Hallow’s Eve Express consist with two more passenger cars, “Black Castle” and “Dark Dungeon.” Sounds like great accommodations to me!

The cars will look great behind our Hallow’s Eve 4-6-0 (6-18745). The cars feature new silhouettes in the windows, highlighted by a blinking orange light on the interior. The pair retails for $119.99 and are at your dealers now. These and all of our Halloween cars featured here will negotiate an O-27 curve.

Halloween Haunted Passenger Station (6-37954)



Pull your Hallow’s Eve Express up to this haunted passenger station – the perfect stop in any “ghost town!” This classic accessory has been enlivened (?) with spooky decorations and interior illumination with a dimming effect. The station retails for $74.99 and it’s on its way to dealers this month.

So get out your costumes and candy ready! String some cotton cobwebs across your platform and turn out the lights. Halloween is almost here!

Freight Car Friday – Searchlight Cars

20 04 2012

Like the aquarium car and the mint car, the searchlight car has become a model classic with very loose ties to the real world. Still, they are one of those fun cars that just looks right at home on a model railroad.

Prototype Examples

Chessie Searchlight

The searchlight car has undergone many variations over the years and remains a popular part of the current Lionel catalog. The lights have shared their cars with many other details and themes.

If you look long and hard through the far corners of the internet, you may just come across a few photos of actual searchlight cars. Those that most closely resemble the models we’ve come to know were used on several different continents during wartime to search the night sky for enemy aircraft. Mounted on small railcars for easy movement, they had little other connection to the trains themselves.

Lighting has been applied to many other types of equipment for night operations however. Many wreck cranes were equipped with smaller lights which would help operators attach cables and guide the boom. Today, portable generators and large lights are also commonly trucked into a wreck site and positioned around the operation for safety. You might not associate searchlights with passenger trains, but the B&O mounted small lights on the roof of its dome cars on the Capitol Limited so that passengers could enjoy the mountain scenery of the Cumberland Narrows as the train passed through after dark.

Searchlight Models

American Flyer Searchlight

Many of the early Post-war offerings used depressed center flat cars. This type of car added visual interest even if it was an even greater stretch of prototypical practices. The searchlight has been as popular with American Flyer fans as in O gauge.

What we commonly think of when it comes to searchlight cars, a large spotlight mounted on a flatcar, originated in the 1930s with Marx and Lionel. Lionel’s No. 2620 featured a single light and the 2820 featured a pair of searchlights on a longer flatcar. Lionel’s first postwar No. 6520 Searchlight car debuted in 1949 and included a molded generator on the center section of a depressed-center car, with the operating searchlight mounted on one end. There have been many variations on the theme since then, including the 3650 extension searchlight which had a removable light attached to a cable mounted in the center of the car. The cars have been sold as part of many sets and individually.

Bethlehem Steel Searchlight

The searchlight car has been used in military sets, circus trains, maintenance of way and many many more including this recent Bethlehem Steel car.

The searchlight car was not limited to Lionel or to O Gauge. The popular cars have been produced in HO by Tyco, AHM,  Life-Like, Model Power and others. In S by American Flyer and Lionel, and in G by LGB and more. O Gauge models have also been produced by K-Line and MTH. Despite a very limited connection to the prototype, these cars are fun and reliable accessories that add a lot of action to a toy train. Whether you use it to spot the enemy, light up the trackworkers, or celebrate the new release at the local cinema, for collectors, no classic display would be complete without at least one of these cars..