Freight Car Friday Index

Have you been following our weekly Freight Car Friday blogs? It’s hard to believe, but we’ve done more than 150 of them now! If there’s one you missed, or maybe just one you’d like to revisit, this index will help you find all you need to know about freight cars and how you can use them on your layout. We’ve added a few relevant posts from other days of the week as well. After all, freight trains don’t just run on Friday.

The index will be updated monthly as we go along. Is there a car we haven’t covered? Drop us a line in the comment box below; we’d welcome your suggestions.

Freight Cars by Type

Fictional Freight – Prototypical inspirations for some of Lionel’s classic cars.

Freight Car Technology

Industries You Can Model – And the cars that serve them!

Freight Car Builders

Modeling Information – Make the most of your freight car fleet!

Regional – A look at freight cars in some of the places we’ve been.

Railroads – Freight cars were often part of a railroad’s character.

Fun Stuff that Just Didn’t Fit Anywhere Else!

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Thanks for the Great site, keep up the tips

24 09 2013


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